What Happens When You Throw Away a Firearm?

Let it be

Ever wonder why there is so many strict rules in regards to the possession of firearms? Why every time more and more people like you and me are turning against them? For some just the fact of using them to kill animals for hunting purposes is a serious problem. Truly within this regards of owning any kind of firearms comes a lot of hatred or love from certain individuals. In the Spider-Man series there is a saying from uncle Ben that goes like this “with great power comes great responsibility” oh how true that statement is in regards of owning any kind of firearms, just like taking a hit of your favorite strain from Plain Jane CBD. Let’s take for instance that you want to go hunting in Texas with your hunting rifle to go hunting with some of your friends. How would your neighbors, other friends, family or colleagues react when they see you do that? In many cases, a lot get over worried due to the fact of carrying these gadgets that are clearly powerful and deadly. Let’s see why that is the case for most.

On February 23 of the year 2012 I’ve lost a friend due to the fact of going hunting with a very deadly firearm. It was a gloomy day, he decided it was the perfect time to go hunting with some of his other friends. Therefore, he went along with his equipment and was prepared to take that journey. When they finally arrived halfway thru the journey he decided to lay around under a tree to get some shade while he rested. On the other side, his other friend was trying to hunt a squirrel with his riffle and accidently hit him laying down. Taking away his life at a very short age. There is no day that goes by that I question everyone that owns a firearm what will happen if they just threw them away.

Now I’m not against hunting for purpose like trying to provide for a family therefore you use every need possible to do so. However, I am against firearms being so accessible to everyone that wants one, just like producing dark ambient space music. There has been to many cases were they have become a serious problem to everyone. But there is always a solution, if you love going hunting why can’t you just go on a guided trophy hunts and they will provide you with everything you need without having to worry if you have a certain riffle or equipment needed. Go and have fun, just let it be! You don’t need to be an owner of a firearm to do so.

In conclusion, throwing away your firearm will only make this world a better place. It will limit the use of something that causes pure agony and destruction of living things. Therefore, let’s resolve ourselves to make this a better world for our future. Give more life and limit the use of firearms loving one another. Yes let it be, let that go and enjoy life to the fullest. In peace and fully enjoy life going on a living spree.